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All packed and ready to go

I’m going to France and taking an internet hiatus for the weekend, see you all when I get back!

Kill me now
Had one of those days when I remember how messed and sad we all are here

im back n home!!!!!!!!!!!!! see me soon my beaut? xoxoxoxoxo luv ya

Yes yes yes please!!! What are you’re plans/ when are you around? :D xxxxxxxxxxx

Are you an inpatient? Sending my love xx

No, not anymore. I’m a day patient - 38 hours a week x

If I have ANY friends left by the time I’m recovered, I will be truly amazed. I am an isolated hermit.

What happened? Are you ok?

I’m fine, I just did something stupid and then dealt with it stupidly. X

I hope things get better Lily, everyone messes up so don't be too hard on yourself if you can

It’s fine if I mess up for myself, just not when I mess up for other people

I’m a fucking idiot why can I not just think before I do things
Now I’m fucking things up for myself and fucking things up for other people

your last video is perfection, literally. I am glad someone finally said something about it. I think eating clean is an obsession too.. especially if you are eating disordered. Thank you Lily!

Thank you! I’m glad I said it too, even it there has been a bit if backlash, most people seem to agree! X