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Evil caretaker strikes again
He could honestly not make me feel any more unwelcome here

AND THEN I just got a voicemail saying tomorrow’s appointment has been cancelled and he’ll have to rearrange

Thought I had an appointment with my nurse today and the idea of being weighed was making me feel like crap
Got half way there and realised it’s tomorrow, not today Yayayayayay
Much better mood now

I feel like you need some love, but this won't even come close to balance out all the hate. I'm sorry on behalf of all the horrible people <3

The love means way more than the hate, so thank you, and I’m sending lots of love back! Also, now I’ve turned anon off, the hate has miraculously stopped! What a surprise!

Hope you upload the new YouTube vid soon.I'm not obsessively checking every few hrs at all... Lol. Much love xx

Having serious technical difficulties, I’m sorry! It should be up this morning if I can sort it out! Xxx

My mood has been horrific today, for the last few months I’ve been convincing myself that I’m fine, and I’m functioning so the restriction doesn’t matter and I could stop if I want to, but today I felt really trapped by it and everything just felt horrible and hopeless.
My grandma was coming over to my flat with my mum and I can find her a bit stressful sometimes, so I was getting really worried about it.
But she’s just left and it was so, so lovely to see her and we chatted for nearly 2 hours and it has really lifted my mood, which was completely unexpected. She’s the only grandparent I still have and I feel very grateful to have her in my life.