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Wow! The house looks amazing!! Is it in France?

Yes, 24 of us rented a huge farm house for a week!! There’s a pool and a cinema and a juke box!! Xx

Also sorry for being awful at replying to your lovely messages, I’m leaving tomorrow for a month and am currently trying to pack for two different trips at the same time.
I will try to reply to lots in the morning once I’m travelling!!

Saw my nurse today and he’s started using the h word again (hospital)
I don’t have time for that to happen, therefore it’s just not.

when you dyed your hair crazy colours, did you do it yourself or did you go to a salon?

The first time (when it was purple) I went to bleach London, but it was so expensive so all the colours after that I did myself :)

The way I see it, I’ve had four periods in my life where I have been “in” my anorexia, or four relapses, I guess.
It’s so strange how it has manifested itself differently each time. The first time I had no idea that I even had an eating disorder and it was just a bit mixture of things, the second I was entirely focused on my weight and body/shape, the third was about hurting myself and making myself as sick as possible, and this time I’m obsessively focused on calories and all numbers.
Can my brain make up it’s mind